650MB CD's v 700MB CD's for VCD's

I’m trying to convince my dad to let me buy a 150pk of 650MB cd’s from CompUSA (only available online supposidly), but he fails to see any reasoning since the only CD player that has problems with audio CD’s is my '93 Caravan, which has the stock CD player (and I’m too cheap to buy a new deck, I’d rather just re-burn the CD’s I have and not worry about my CD’s scratching). So, what I’m wondering is if using 650MB cd’s will perform better than 700MB cd’s for VCD’s. I have a few Band of Brothers videos on VCD, but they start skipping after 43 minutes, could this be a 700MB disk problem?

Yes, it could be.
But also it can depend on :
the burner, its specification/ firmware, the write speed u burn @, the media manufacturer etc.
74’ CDRs are supposed to work better in older (especially car-) players, but nobody gives you that guarantee.
You need to try and test it by yourself and see what happens.
Good luck !

P.S. This might come in handy as well > I have problems with 80 minute CD-Rs

It could also be a burn speed problem - the optimum speed for most burner/media combinations is not the maximum, neither is it the minimum.

Where the burner and software try to guess the speed (eg. Smart-X), they are still likely to guess too high.

Since any speed above 16x will be P-CAV or Zone-CLV, the end of the burn will be worst if the speed is being pushed.

Use a scanning tool such as Kprobe or CDspeed if your drive supports it, and see if the error rate ramps up toward the end.

The proble with 650Mb media NOW, is it might be old, it might be slow.
Looks like the Compusa 74 min is TDK

http://www.compusa.com/products/product_info.asp?product_code=50001883&pfp=BROWSE - TDK Branded 48x 50 tub

The 150 shrinkwrap doesn’t specify a speed, so it may be the 48x, the 32x, or it may be slower
All sites in a search specify it as 48x

Okay, here’s what I ended up using for burning:

Nero 5.x (not sure what version exactly)
imation 16x 80Min CD-R

I’ve overburnt audio CD’s to 82 minutes to have The Wall all on one cd, and that plays on newer CD players and my DVD player without problems, so I don’t believe it’s hardware related, nor software related, so I think it’s media-related. When the files are mpegs on the computer, there aren’t any problems, but for some of the videos, once it gets past that 43 minute marker, it just starts slowing down and getting really choppy. Oh, and I burnt all of the disks at 16x, I believe, except for testing at whatever the slowest speed is for my drive (I think it’s 4x)