6500A won't play a few DVDs that will play on another player

Hi. Just so you know, I am with the Army in Iraq. If you do not know, the locals sell bootlegged DVD’s and the military has no problems with us buying it. They figure since we have to give up a year of our lives to fight for our country, bootlegged DVD’s won’t hurt a thing. The Army ALLOWS these people on the bases in Iraq to sell these DVD’s so what I am doing is technically legal because the military does not have a problem with it.

I’ve been buying boxsets of TV shows (The Shield, CSI, Simpsons, Lost, Smallville) stuff like that and I haven’t had a problem with any of them on my 6500A…But I recently bought 24 and a majority of the discs work but there are about 4 that do not.

Now, when I took it back to the guy who sold it to me, he played it on his P.O.S. Coby portable DVD player and it worked for him. It’s also played on a couple of my friends DVD player. The players it won’t play in is my 6500A, my Panasonic Portable DVD player, PS2. My friend’s Samsung actual stand alone DVD player that hooks up to the TV and all, it will play up until the intro and then it will start to look like it’s skipping and then stop all together. But it will play on Sony Computer DVD Drives, that guy’s Coby Portable DVD player, and another guy’s Toshiba stand alone player.

I want to play it on my 6500A, is there anything I can download or set to get it to work? Or can someone at least tell me why the hell most of the discs that came with it work fine but these discs that don’t are picky about what player it’s in. I cannot tell you the kind of media it is because well, the locals over here do everything to make it look like a real DVD from the DVD Box art to the labels they print off to put around the disc where I can’t tell what they used.