650 mb movie with 16:9 aspect ratio, cant get to burn less than 3 gb :\

HOw can I get a 650mb avi (divx) to burn itself into a dvd at the same aspect ratio? I tried nero vision but it wouldnt let me bring its size down, I tried burning it with nero to be normal 4.5 gb dvd size then tried to use dvd shrink to shrink it back to something like 600mb but it still wouldnt do it.

Is there any softwrae that can reliably do this?

An AVI file is normally a highly compressed file , like mp3 is for audio. When encoded to DVD format , depending on the app you use , the size will be anything from 3gb upwards.

If you use VCD as the output format you might get this down to CD-R size if that’s what you’re after. However, trying to shrink a 1.5 hour plus movie down to this size will loose a great deal of quality.

What is the AR here?

the exact aspect ratio is 528*304 and its data rate is 120kbps. Its about 90 minutes long…

Is there any software that can help me do this or is it just plain impossible?

That’s no AR.

Is it 16:9 or 4:3?

oh, Im pretty sure its 16:9, I said on the title :\

Try dvd2dvd which makes use of freeware and commercial encoder. It accepts avi as input. Its main support forum is doom9.

Another alternative is ConvertXToDVD. Here’s one GUIDE.

Convertxtodvd seams to have done the trick, I managed to compress it to 665mb and the loss of quality was far less than what I had worried it might be, thanks :slight_smile:

ok, sorry but I got stuck somewhere else now

how do I burn a mini dvd (that is a cd that pretends its a dvd) using nero? I know I saw it before but I cant seam to do it again :\

I can choose to create a mini dvd using nerovision but I want to burn the dvd video files on my computer into a minidvd using nerovision.

thanks for any help :smiley:

The files/content have to be in the necessary source format suitable for a mini dvd, also the size has to fit.

I have used the best software which convert avi to dvd is WinAVI Video Converter.It has the best quality and speed.You can know details by this:

The point is: WinAVI is commercial and you have posted the same info in many posts here now… :rolleyes:

Yup, I got it working now, its a little bit wierd the way I have but I put the thing on a cd and the dvd player recognises it as a dvd, I hear not many support minidvd’s, I suppose it was a good decision to by a highend dvd player…

Yeah, but it’s VERY limited in length, max. 20 mins or so on a CD media…

Yes thats the best one Ive found, all automatic and so simple