64th comic - Beach party! :)

Heya everybody,

after my holiday I’m back to normal life again.

Here’s the latest CDFreaks Garfield comic:


Alex “Rylex”

Great a full one this time and great as always! :bow: :bow:

an other great one, nice to have you back :iagree:

Nice One.

Hope you enjoyed your holidy.

Thanks everybody… my holiday was quite some fun and relaxing. This will be the last week before my BIG BIIIIIG holiday (20.8. - 7.9.) … the first comics can be expected on 8th of September then :slight_smile:

…so please don’t be sad if there are no comics in this time… :iagree:

But there will also be another comic published THIS WEEK :iagree: :iagree:
:smiley: :smiley:

Hehehe that’s a nice one :smiley: