64GB flash


The cost is still prohibitive, but if you are rich enough to buy a US$70,000 Matsushita PDP, why not?

Wow! That’s insane.
Not for the people who lose these things.

Or you could get one of these for ~10x less.

That’s HDD. US$184 for a 60GB notebook HDD. 3.3" x 3.3" x 0.5" dimension. Better get a 2.5-inch 120GB HDD for US$100 including shipping (Samsung or Western Digital 5.4K RPM, 8MB cache, PATA.)

Or, 7.2K RPM Hitachi SATA 150 80GB for a bit more.

I hope to see eSATA products of HDD, ODD, NAND flash, etc. in the near future. Compared to USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394a/b, eSATA’s much broader.

Samsung has first completed the commercialization of 32 Gigabit flash chips based on “CTF” 40nm NAND flash technology. CTF = charge trap flash.

Source: PosTech/Samsung’s CTF-related PDF (2005 May 10)

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