64GB BlackBerry PlayBook 7" Tablet $129 Newegg 09OCT

BlackBerry PlayBook 7" Multi-Touch Tablet - 64GB

These got kinda panned (unfairly) in their original reviews, but at this price who needs an iPod?

Deal Expires Midnight Pacific Time Wednesday 09OCT

I ordered one myself, to use as a media player in my car
(to replace the retired Blackberry phone a friend gave me)
because the “touch” interface is a bit easier to deal with one handed while driving (I don’t wanna hear that song now!)

I called half a dozen friends about it all but one ordered themselves one.
(same reason)

These really were a $699 device when new.

and if you read the LATER reviews for them (a year post launch)
you find that the upgraded OS allowed the use of (supposedly)
ALL Android applications.

I wish I could have ordered two, but now I don’t feel so bad about missing out on the great $99 HP tablet sell-off.

That’s one of the hottest deals I’ve seen in recent years. Only Galaxy Tab 7.0-inch is available at that price here and that has only 16GB.

Essentially I wanted this little thing to replace a device I used to use as a mobile media player… an older Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet.

The Fujitsu still works but my 12V mobile power supply for it died, and my best battery is most accurately described as “worthless & weak”

Yeah, I had tablets LONG before they were “Cool”

I still have my original TRS-100 Tablet and yes, the damned thing still works.
And No I never had a set of alkaline batteries leak inside it.