64bit problem?

I have been using the clone dvd version 4.9 i think for a while now

after upgrading my system to a 64 bit processor i tried to reinstall clonedvd last night and last step was rebooting so i did

now i have an expensive paper weight as i get a bsod with a stop message 0x0000000007e at every boot
will not log onto windows at all other than safe mode
any help?
anyone else with this situation? can it be a 64bit problem?

I doubt if you get much help here, this is the AnyDVD forum. Most people here answer questions about AnyDVD.

CloneDVD is only up to 2.8, you must be using the “other” crappy clone dvd. Try uninstalling it in windows then download the Real CloneDVD here-> http://www.slysoft.com

whoops i messed up it is the anydvd simple slip of the keyboard …

Still, there is no AnyDVD 4.9