64Bit FarCry Now Avalible - Free

We’re pleased to announce the release of the Far Cry AMD 64-bit upgrade and exclusive content. Please note that the AMD64 upgrades to Far Cry are only meant to run on the final realeased version of the new Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition. If you are running a Beta version of this OS, we cannot guarantee compatibility. To find out more about how to obtain the final operating system, please go to Microsoft.

Full Story With Links To Download Can be Found here. ~450mb

There is also some AMD Exclusive content that can be found on the same page. ~400mb

It seems that you need the Full Version of FarCry and this then updates it to a 64bit version of the same game. Hey if you own the game it is a nice free bonus.

It certainly all looks good. Can’t wait to try it out :p. Mine you I might wait for it to appear on a cover DVD instead of downloading it.

thanks for the heads up Womble…maybe now i’ll actually play some of the games i purchased instead of just CS:Source