640 Aluminum CD/DVD Heavy Duty storage Case Laser, $69.00

These any good? Link here.

[I]Organise and keep all your DVDs in one place

• Holds 640 CDs/DVDs
• Stylish and functional
• Dual Lock
• Index your discs for easy access
• Tough casing for added protection
• Easy grip handles
Exterior Dimensions: 625mm x 325mm x 195mm
Approximately 10kg vol.Wt[/I]

If you live in Australia, that might be pretty good.

This looks like one of the larger versions of what has been discussed extensively here:


I love that your link catagorizes this item in “Laptop Accessories”.

thats Australia for ya

This place seems to have a variety of these cases on their site. I remember even seeing on that held up to 1000 discs a while back.


I’m not too crazy about these things and scared the discs might get scratched put the discs in and out of the sleeves.

I have used these cases for over two years and I once spent an hour with a bad burn (Ritek of course) shoving it in an out of the sleeve for a few thousand times while I watched a movie. I then looked for scratches with a magnifying glass and could see none. They are very usable cases and retrieval is quick. I am sold. The only downside is that they sell for $7-$9 in Hong Kong and I’m not there.

I have one too, and I’m with Chas on this one for sure. These do NOT damage your disks, and do a fine job of keeping them protected as well. My ONLY complaint about htgem is, unless you modify them with something like some weather strip foam to hold the sleves on the rails when the top is closed, they can and do come off the rails if tipped. Not a huge problem to fix with the weather strip foam like I said though.