64 file sharers sued by RIAA agree to settlements in copyright cases



I just posted the article 64 file sharers sued by RIAA agree to settlements in copyright cases.

  Since the RIAA have launched 261 lawsuits against  users illegaly sharing copyrighted files, 64 have greeed to settlements (52  named in lawsuits) and 1 case has been dropped.   These...
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“RIAA spokeswoman Amanda Collins declined to comment on what the record companies will receive under the settlements.” allow me a quick guess… virtually nada, zilch, nothing, zip, zero naturally with the explanation that the money is best used to help the fight against copyright violators yee-haw! bring 'em in boys!


everyone go support this label! http://magnatune.com/ 50% of the money goes to the artist! its in a new thread earlier in the day!


Last time I checked, they need to prove that the files your trading are in fact music files with respect to the filename… For example, if I have a file named Eminem - Slim Shady.mp3 that Im sharing and its actually some other file that I renamed to disguise it, technically Im not sharing copyrighted material… This better explains the point Im getting at: Lets say your going to your mothers house to bring her some oregano and you stick in a sandwich bag… On the way cops stop you for speeding and notice the bag of oregano and arrest you for possession of marijuana (bear with me cause I know you can tell apart the two :wink: )… They never test the oregano to determine if its actually marijuana so when you go to trial or arraignment, the judge throws the case out because theres lack of evidence to support the charge… Burden of proof is on the prosecutor, in this case, the State… Since the State could not prove that it was in fact marijuana, then we have reasonable doubt whether it is marijuana… Sure it looks like an mp3 of an artist, but is it really? Can they prove that just by looking at the filenames? RIAA has the burden of proof, a file list of what your sharing is not enough to justify that your sharing copyrighted material…


So what your saying Hypnosis4U2NV is that you should rename your files. So what about the ID3 Tag? Is that enough for conviction? If that’s changed as well, we’ll all have a hell of a job downloading tracks that we actually want…


Unfortunately they download several files as proof… they dont just look at a list of files that you share… and in an earlier article it explained that they were actually comparing the MP5 hash from Napster files to see if the track came from Napster…


Well a buddy of mine got a letter from the cable modem ISP provider about sharing Norton AntiVirus 2003… It appears that he set his bandwidth for uploading really low (less the 1kb/s), so how does Symantec download the file (30+Mb @


“There are good chances that those 261 users who have been issued lawsuits will not buy any more CDs and this may include the majority of their friends, relatives, neighbours and so on.” I somehow doubt that’s the RIAA’s concern as they obviously weren’t buying albums in the first place…


The RIAA have also received 838 affidavits under its amnesty program. This is where users must destroy all unauthorised downloaded tracks including those on CD-Rs, promise never to illegally share or download anymore copyrighted music and send a completed, notarized amnesty form to the RIAA including a copy of their photo ID! ___________________________________ These peeps who have given all their details inc a photo of their ID must be brainwashed, what kind of crazy Person would do this??:wink: The RIAA have got them to self incriminate themselves and having a photo ID will make it easier to track them down. Typical of Americans as 90% of them are on prozac and are plain stupid.:wink: I do apologise to any USA peeps that visit here, but it is a well know fact the USA is full of lunatics as in crazy people:g Intercept…:S
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