64-bit vs. 32-bit Vista...advantages / disadvantages

My other PC has Vista Ultimate x64. I also have a LG GSA-4166B in an external usb2/firewire case. I will try to make it RPC1 and test it in x64 Vista to see how it goes.

I will reply by Saturday.

Hmmm … Guaranteed to be DRM riddled.

I tested this last night.

I flashed the LG 4166B to Dangerous Brothers RPC1 firmware and it is working fine.

With an RPC1 drive Vista x64 Ultimate will not play region coded disks. I try to play region 1, region 2 and Region 4 disks. Disks that are not region protected (burned or pressed) play just fine.

I was able to rip a disk using DVDFabDecrypter in this drive. I burned it using IMGBurn and the resulting disk plays.

Besides the RPC1 limitation, Vista x64 allows me to do all stuff that I did before in XP.

Well I’ll be… With reference to my previous posts in this thread, this 32-bit burning problem kept bugging me. After seeing that 3 different burners on PATA, SATA and USB all showed exactly the same behaviour, it dawned on me that this couldn’t be a burner interface problem and maybe I should look into the hard disk instead.

Sooo…, did yet another install of RC2 x86 on a spare HD and… the problem is gone :clap: !!! Below are PATA, SATA and USB results, showing there’s no more Buffer and CPU Usage problems. The only difference with my multiple previous 32-bit installs is a Western Digital hard disk now vs. a Samsung before. Both are native SATA I drives (my mobo is SATA I as well). I’d say this is very strange, as the Samsung disk doesn’t have this problem with XP or Vista x64.

Anyway, this is good news for the nForce3 + Vista x86 setup. It can be made to work :doh:

I’m glad to hear that. :slight_smile: