64 Bit Support

Upgraded to an AMD64 this weekend and all my regged SlySoft apps are now dead. It appears that the 64bit kernel doesn’t like the ElbyCDIO drivers… will we be seeing a 64bit version soon and do you need some testers?

so you’re running the beta of WinXP64?

Yes, Build 1218 to be precise on a dual-boot config. Not enough apps or drivers yet to support 64b so I kept my 32b version intact, as well.

Almost same config as yours, it appears.

Asus A8V SE Deluxe
AMD64 3400+
2GB DDR333
nVidia GeForce 5700FX LE
Maxtor 80G ATA133 [Boot1 - WinXP Pro]
Maxtor 250G ATA133
Maxtor 80G x 2 (Striped RAID) [Boot 2 - WinXP 64b Pro]
Plextor PX-716A
Samsung SM-352N Combo Drive
Audigy 2 NX [External]

ahh, i was hoping you were at least running dual boot as the drivers and apps (like you said) are very lacking for the 64bit beta. guess you’ll just have to stick to the 32bit OS for your ripping/burning needs for now.

i’ve got 2 A64 rigs (1 for over a year) and i haven’t even give the 64bit beta a shot…don’t think i will till the official is released either, not much point right now.

You’d be impressed with some of the benchmark results if you tried out XP64. App loading times are fabulous and the machine boots in under 2 seconds.

although i do benchmark, they don’t mean much to me. real-world usage is MUCH more important. i leave my machines on 24/7 so boot times are moot as well.

i guess once i get one of my harddrives back from an RMA i might give it a shot…it’s a big MIGHT though :wink:

Back to the topic at hand ------- does SlySoft plan to support 64b procs and build a compatible driver?

Yes, we do. We are not sure, if we will charge for the upgrade AnyDVD to AnyDVD64, or if the upgrade will be free for existent AnyDVD32 users.
The 64 Bit port costs time and money, and it is like “a new product”, but we are not sure, if current users will understand this.

Got a timeframe in mind?

I know that developing such thing must cost fair bit to you and that company is for make money… In the otherhand I understand very well customers point of view, “anything should cost nothing” and having already paid for one time for ‘same’ program…

So my suggestion for the future would be: sell it as a new product, but make (good) offer to peoples already bought AnyDVD 32-bit. And ofcourse an bundle which includes them both.

Ofcourse this propably isn’t happening any time soon, but always can suggest, right? :cool:

And perhaps even free upgrades to those that have purchased the entire suite within the past year. :wink:

@drpino : RC1 is now available of WinXPx64, it’s build 1289. You’ll need to re-sign up in the CCP program to get the new version and your CD-Key.

thanks for the heads-up DevlshOne

Please forgive me I am new at this. I am about to have a new PC built with an AMD 64 processor. Will anydvd and clone dvd work with it. Thanks in advance!

with normal 32bit winXP (which is completely compatible with A64) the answer is yes. we’re discussing the viability of the 2 apps in a 64bit environment (i.e. WinXP 64bit).

Its now 2006, Does AnyDVD work on Winxp 64bit or will it get it?

If a upgrade payment is required, no problem; Its well worth it. even if I have to buy a third license. :slight_smile:

All SlySoft products works very good on x64 enviroment.

They added x64-compatibility from some versions ago now, so all SlySoft products work on x64 enviroment nowadays.

GRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAATTTTTTTT. Thanks for this info, it does the possibility to move from 32bits to 64 bits alot easier. :slight_smile:

Looking at the revision history, it works with WinXP 64bit since … well … over a year ago? :wink:

http://www.slysoft.com/download/changes_anydvd.txt, 2005 04 12

  • New: Added support for 64-bit Windows XP

What a great company!!!
Never even asked or charged extra money for this essential upgrade

That is why if someone tries to use cracks the forum members get upset

keep up the great work

Hey All
SS + win XP x64 is the way to go

super fast by nearly 10 times over regular windows