64 Bit Status of DVDFab

I’m a registered owner of DVDFab Platinum, and I’m now dual-booting to Vista Ultimate Edition x64 and XP Professional. I’d like to use the program in Vista, but of course it will not use 32-bit drivers. The VSO software, for instance.

Do we have any idea on when 64-bit versions will be available?

bump, i would also like to know as i plan on switching to xp x64 soon

Isn’t it already 32/64 bit XP/Vista Compatible :confused:

i didnt think it would matter either, but the original poster brought up a good point, what about the VSO driver? X64 is able to use 32-bit software, but i thought the drivers HAVE to be 64-bit. But i may be wrong, i have only played around with x64 for a little bit so i’m a noob to it.

It works just fine. Been using it for quite a while now, using x64 pro