64 AMD processors

64 AMD processors
Is it really worth buying the 64 bit athlon amd processor, i was looking at http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProdu…-425&depa=0 and just ain’t sure about it if i should buy it, and will that be fast enough like in 5 years from now, I mean how fast are comps really going to get by then and does it really make sense making and upgrading every so many years to keep up? Would the AMD Athlon 64 3000+ be more than adequate for any type of computer use, such as programming, gaming, etc… even overclocking, is it any good for that? Also how much can a person expect the prices for those types of processors to go down like lets say in the next few months?? Down enough so they resonable? Also does anyone out know where the 32 bit comps will be in the next couple of years, will the prices for them go down dramatically since of the 64 bit craz?

It absolutely indeed makes no sense to buy 1 (one) 64-bit adm processor and expect it to withstand 5 years of upcoming techonolgy.

Then again , it makes no sense to assume any pc you buy now is going to work on technology invented in 2009.

Upgrading only makes sense if your requirements have also upgraded. If you still run games that will flawlessly run on a 486 machine , don’t upgrade. ever.

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