63rd comic (CDFreaks Version) - ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?

Heya everybody,

this is REALLY last comic for this week. I’m going on a 3-day holiday. Need a break - :iagree: - I hope you gimme a break? :bigsmile:

Here we go with the next CDFreaks comic… the story goes on!


@Namoh - this one is better, right? :iagree:

Alex “Rylex”

yeah, great, rylex is the best ftr

thanks man :bow:
I really love all this comic stuff…

More and more comics will flow out… sooner or later I will need to re-design the website for the comics… there we lots of hits in the last time… :bigsmile:

Yes, this one is better.

Great one. :bow: :bow:

Thanks Namoh - now I feel better :stuck_out_tongue:
:iagree: :iagree:

Another great comic … :bow: :bow:
keep it up Rylex & have a nice holiday …

I don’t mind how many you do so long as they keep on coming and are funny. 1 a week is great. More is fantastic but if you need the time then take it. Quality over quantity baby.

Nice one.

Thanks everybody!!

I sure will have some nice ideas about some more comics during my holiday (part 1)… my next holiday will be longer:

from 23rd August to 7th September…

…so we might not see any new comics during this time… :eek: :confused: :sad:

I will always focus Quality - NOT quantity!

See you all next week!

:sad: you´re are allready here, but couldn´t wait until u´re back.

beautiful holiday too

Are we going to get comic days…?

Then, say 2 mornings a week, I can wake up in the safe knowledge that i’ll be getting another dose of my favourite comic. :wink:

How does Monday and Thursday sound to you Rylex? lol

Great comics…thanks for all the effort you put in; much appreciated! :slight_smile:

@CD_1986 - it is difficult to make comics on fixed days because I just don’t know when I got the time for sure…

but they will keep on flowing - like today the 64th - go and check it out :slight_smile: