630hs - playback on other DVD players

630hs - Dubai

The DVD disks created in this machine do not play properly in my other DVD players… they will not go to the menu or to the title automatically, the user has to press “play” or “menu” to get the disk to do anything…

I had a hunt around with IFOedit and got a bit of information on editing the pre-commands which seemed to work on one DVD from the 630 but not another??? I am confused???

Same problem here. This Pioneer recorder produces werid discs that upon insertion in a DVD player (say Philips) don’t do anything initially. When you put a DVD in the player, it remains dead. The display first shows LOADING… then becomes black. Press PLAY and nothing happens. You actually have to press the Confirm (middle) button of the navigation arrows on your RC for playback.

Thumbs down for the Pioneer engineers!

I received an email reply from Pioneer in Europe… “the -R dvd forum specification does not allow the disk to pay without an initial command fro the user” ie: ‘Play’ or ‘menu’ buttons must be pressed before it will do anything…

so perhaps one difference between + and - DVD’s is whether or not it plays when you insert it…


are you formatting as “Video” or “VR”?
Are you finalising the discs?

It is my understanding that this is a quirky trait of ALL Pioneer STB DVD
recorders. All the disks made on them, automatically kick into play mode.
Great for single episode stuff, but a pain with multiple titles.
Both my 520H and my 640H do this.