63 minute/550 MB

Anybody heard of this allegedly early cd-r media: TDK 63 minute/550 MB. A friend of mine who used to work at a studio has some, and swears they are the best. The best @ what I don’t know :slight_smile: Anyone have any info?

You’re SOL. No more 63 minute production, not even in Japan.
71 minute are still made, but for the insiders (drive developers, PlayStation developers) only.
And there’s 74 minute.
[B]koba[/B] is the expert on this rare media topic. :wink:

I would say that the TDK 63min/550MB was the best CD-R ever produced. 71min discs was also good but the quantities I have used of them is not big (only about 5 for testing). Many Studios used these discs in the past and still would if they were available. The reason for this seems to be because the track pitch is wider and the linear velocity is also faster than most of the other types of blanks (if track pitch gets narrower and linear velocity faster the capacity of discs gets higher).
I personaly have used over 500 of these 63min discs and had not one fail on me and all are still readable. The problem is that these discs are out of production. If your friend still has some of them left he is a realy lucky guy. Maybe you could get 1 or 2 from him and try. But I have found out in tests I made that newer drives like Plextor 708 or NEC 3500 do not like this disc as much as older drives like Plextor 1210 SCSI drives (actually also did find out that the newer drives have problems with some TDK and TY 8x and slower rated discs)…