61 euros shipping incl : is that a good deal for

100 DVD-R blank discs PLATINIUM (http://www.dvdrohlinge24.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/390) ?

it seems to be RITEK G05 discs.

I’m running out of DVD-R blanks discs and want to get some, but i don’t know if i should get something cheaper or not.
i use a Lite-On 812s modded to 832s. any advices on the blank DVD-R (no + as i intend to use some to play on a stand alone dvd player) will be apreciated. I’ve run some KProbe on those but can’t find the post where the results are explained.

Xcitek Media, another German online vendor specialised in selling recordable media, has the same discs in stock for 12 EUR a 25pcs spindle:

Webshop link

They have the same discs in their (permanent) Ebay shop as well, for just 9.99 EUR a 25pcs spindle:

Ebay auction link

Xcitek Ebay Shop

However, shipping costs are higher in both cases. Depending on your location, the offer from dvdrohlinge24.com might still be cheaper in the end.

i’m in france. shipping would be 20 euros with webshop.
but maybe there’s a better brand at a lower price for DVD-R ?

Those Ritek G05s are really good, you won’t find better DVD-R media at that price (9.99 EUR a 25pcs spindle) in Europe. Better media is usually more expensive, and the cheaper stuff lacks quality.

If you don’t mind buying DVD+R media, check out the Platinum 8x DVD+R discs (9.99 EUR a 25pcs spindle also) from the Xcitek Ebay shop. Those are excellent RICOHJPNR02 discs most burners have great results with. Or if you are willing to pay a little more, the Fuji 8x DVD+R discs are some of the best media you can buy, genuine Taiyo Yuden (YUDEN000T02) discs for 13.20 EUR (lowest price in Europe atm, check out this thread for details).

i heared that DVD-R were more compatible on stand alone dvd player (a kinda old one, toshiba SD210, region free/mp3 but not divx and all).
i guess it’s not true then ?
btw, i love ur nickname :slight_smile:

Heh, thanks.

Like you say yourself, that really depends on the stand alone DVD player, older DVD players might prefer DVD-R discs, simply because the format itself is older. But there is a workaround for this, depending on the burner you have. You can change the booktype of DVD+R discs to DVD-ROM, so readers like your Toshiba SD 210 treat those DVD+R discs just like pressed DVDs. This so called “bitsetting” procedure (read this CDFreaks article for more info) increases the compatibility of the DVD+R format considerably. But your burner has to support bitsetting (a lot of burners do).

Edit: Your LiteOn 832 should support bitsetting. Check out the LiteOn forums in the Recording Hardware section for details. Actually, LiteOn burners tend to prefer DVD+R discs even (burning quality wise).

i use a lite on 812s flashed to 832s (CG3B firmware).
i checked the price for the Fuji 8x on the website u mentioned, comes out to 80 euros shipping included. I’m gonna stick with DVDRohlinge24 (thx CdFreaks.com lol) and get the Platinum 8X DVD+R, a 100 of them for about 61 euros. i read on the link u gave that they works good too. So far i’ve tried Platinum 8X DVD-R, and i’ve got some high score with Kprobe (see picture below), but when i play the dvds, it works fine… i used the first modded firmware to burn/read the disc on that. atm i’m trying with the CG3B firmware.

A lot of LiteOn users report problems with DVD-R media (not many with your drive though). That’s a bad scan. Maybe a firmware update / write strategy swap can help?

The LiteOn 812 / 832 drives should like the RICOHJPNR02 discs (Platinum 8x DVD+R) though.

thx for the advices. I’ve just DL the Omnipatcher with the last recommanded conf file and patched the CG3B firmware so it’s auto bitsetting.
which options should i use ?

also, what do u mean by “write strategy swap” ?

Oh dear, I’m by no means an expert when it comes to LiteOn DVD writers (never had one), so I can’t help you here, sorry. You should find your answers in the LiteOn forum though, there is a sticky thread about Omnipatcher there as well.

A “write strategy swap” means replacing the write strategy for certain media (e.g. Ritek G05) with a different one (e.g. the write strategy for Taiyo Yuden TYG02). You have to modify the drive firmware by doing so, using tools like Omnipatcher. The point is to improve the burning quality or increase the maximum burning speed.

another Kprobe with the CG3B firmware and G05 discs


2x click on the media you like to change write strategy for in omnipatcher and select the new one out of the drop down list.

i’ve ordered 100 Platinum 8x DVD+R, which strategy is the better and how do i find out on my own (if nobody did it) ?

trial & error i guess or use the search on the forum. best way to start would be to identify media which will perform the best results with your writer and then test this strategie with the media you use… and dont mix up -/+. i haven’t tried on any discs myself till now, but i’m planning on doing so for some of the media i have here which are giving me poor results.

I’ve a 812S (the second one…, the first one was RMA after a lot of FW & strats “experiments”).
IMHO I would do the following thing:

  • Re-flash to US0N O/P “Auto-bitsetting” & “Flash fix”.
  • To use +R media. This type of media with DVD-ROM BookType it’s full compatible with standalone readers…, also Lite-On burns “+R” media better than “-R” media.
  • To use RICOHJPNR01/R02 (I think that “01” is better than “02”).
  • Don’t change write strats for this media brand.

If you do it…, you’ll obtain great Kprobe scans. :wink:

so you think the stock firmware is better than the 832 modded one ?
how come ?

My experience says to me that US0N is a great firmware (probably the best one), why?.., because:

1). I tried different 812S/832S firmwares (stock and patched), and none of them improved the results of US0N.

2). The Kprobe scans with my “new” 812S (with this burner I flash only to US0N O/P “Auto-Bitsettin & Flash fix”).
All the discs that I burned with this burner at moment (14 RICOHJPNR01, FujiFilm and Maxell branded):

These are the reasons for which I think that US0N is a nice firmware for SOHW 812S.

well, that’s great evidence… i’ll try it when i receive my blanks dvds. thx a lot.
but how about the US0Q firmware ? wouldn’t it be better because it supports more media ?

edit : what do you mean by “Auto-Bitsettin & Flash fix” ?
I found the “Enable auto-bitsetting” but not the other one in OmniPatcher.

I don’t tried it…, I went US0N -> VS0x -> CGxB. Probably US0Q was a good firmware, but I don’t need “more media” support (at the moment). :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t explain correctly…, in “General Patches” the last one: “Fix the…/Enable cross-flashing”.

yay just got my Platinum DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPNR02), using the CG3B FW, burnt a data dvd (with divx inside), scanning the disk with Kprobe @4x atm.
weird thing, the led doesn’t blink while scanning… but the PI are much lower than the others blank dvd i’ve used. so far so good :slight_smile: