60x reading of Gigarec CDs :D

=> 61x with Gigarec 1.2x on a Taiyo Yuden 48x disc, read in a LiteOn 165 :smiley:

Now with hacked firmware for the Toshiba 1502 Rev A: 59x

EDIT with 1.3x setting, the drive slows down at the end, and it’s even worse with 1.4x

Wow :eek:

This result is quite normal … Since the data density is multiplied by 1.4, the read speed is also multiplied by 1.4 (the rotation speed doesn’t change) …

No, it isn’t. Some other drives just stop at 52x (meaning, they start at 26x, 28x or 32x, but switch to CLV when reaching 52x).

BTW, I didn’t say anything about 1.4x. My drives have significant problems with 1.4x.

In fact, it just means that in this drive, the speed is only controlled by rotation speed, without control of the real data transfer rate.

Look at my results of a GigaRec 1.2x disk being read in an Lite-On LTD-163D:

Very nice. Ended at 58x, average was 44x.