60x CD-ROM drive already sold in Japan

I just posted the article 60x CD-ROM drive already sold in Japan.

The Japanese website akiba.ascii24.com reports that a company called EPO released a 60x CD-ROM drive, bringing the CD-ROM speeds to a next level.

The drive with modelnumber CD-6000CD is for…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4174-60x-CD-ROM-drive-already-sold-in-Japan.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4174-60x-CD-ROM-drive-already-sold-in-Japan.html)

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Hmm … I remember a Drive from Kenwood that reads 72x (True 72x) but only spins at 24x. Do your Ears something good and don´t buy a Drive that sounds like a Lawnmover.

At 24x your disc would explode :wink:

That would explain all those 40+ speed writers. I know, most of them only burn 40 speed at the outer region, but 24x in the middle doesn’t go any faster than 24x at the outer region. It only reads more data, IIRC. In my opinion, they should first improve the 20 speed readers to read more accuratly, to reduce noise and to have better reading options.

Guys listen, Most cd’s will explode if they go 27.500 RPM ! With a 52 speed cd-rom drive it’s possible to get 27.500 RPM ! So this drive will explode all your cd’s if it’s really 60 speed.

My 72x Kenwood is great! I rip, copy, read, etc. all very fast and quietly. I dont’ even notice when it spins up. Unlike with my other two optical drives, the sound of internal system fans drowns out any noise it makes. I’ve never had problems with data quality.