60,000 posts in living room

Woohoo! PARTY!!!:bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:


He said “60,000 posts in living room” in the subject line.
Then typed in:
Woohoo! PARTY!!!

Clear now? :wink:

There are still more posts at the Italian and Dutch forums.

Yes, yes, but everyone knows english is the language which counts, and all other pale in significance :stuck_out_tongue:


Up the english, even if it’s been butchered by the US of A and mispronounced by occers for centuries :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I know what he said, but WTF does that have anything to do w/ party? Aaaah shit, I’m having WarCraft III flashbacks on BNet w/ punk ass kids screaming party all game long.

Lets get the party going lets get the party going lets party hard!


Nice avvy! Mesmorising!!!