6-year-old Epson R200 died; what next?

I’ve gotten REALLY good performance out of this old printer, but it has started dumping ink randomly onto my printable disks (no problems printing paper yet). What printer would make a good replacement? I rarely print photos, but this one did an excellent job with them, and with a CIS, it was relatively cheap to maintain.

I’ve been surfing, and it’s surprisingly difficult to filter out printers that CAN print on disks.

The Epson artisans print to cd

Yeah, the 50 seems to be the way to go, but there’s a bad review on Amazon. Do you have one? NexTag says OfficeDepot has them for $99, but OD says $150. Beach (on Amazon) seems to be the best price at $100.

I have the artisan 830 and I love it. I’ve printed at least 60 photos and test printed one cd.

I have an older HP legal-size scanner that does really well, so I don’t need an AI1 - just a disk/gp printer. There’s an 845 (or something like that) on Amazon for ~$150, but I want the smallest footprint on my desk. I guess it’s time to order the 50…

I have the R680X and its only drawback is its size, it so big I can’t fit it where my printer is supposed to go in my desk. When Curcuit City went out of business near me last year they had a bunch of the old Epsons on sale for 30 bucks, I bought 5 of them and gave them away and kept the ink carts.

I know that my nannans HP PhotoSmart C5280 with built in disc tray optimised for disc printing is excellent :slight_smile: