6 hours to convert sound right?

Im sure someone can tell me if its suppose to take almost 6 hours to convert and copy a dvd? Recently got a samsung external dvd writer, Downloaded convertxtodvd and from the time i push the convert button on any type of movie thats been downloaded it takes around 4 hours or more to convert an another 1 to write… Sound normal? if not please tell me where the fault is. Thanks

We need more details…What type of files are you converting? file size?
Explain your process from start…
the devils into details…

i suppose the files vary… Avi files, iso files. Usual torrents. Process is simple. Download torrent open it in convertxtodvd and it takes over from there. Just didnt know if there was a better program to convert and burn, or if my settings were off?

It looks like your settings are OK
for most people it takes about 5 to 6 hours to convert Avi files, iso files and Usual torrents.:slight_smile: