6 GMAIL Invites

I have 6 GMAIL Invites, so post in here if you would like them, and PM me your email info.

Hi hitman, what is GMAIL? is it like incredimail?

acko, it is email provided by Google. Right now you can’t signup for it, you have to be invited. It’s pretty nice, and you get 1Gig of space for free.


Hitman, I would like to use Gmail if you still have any invites available

Could use one here.

@Asid, you’ve got mail! Enjoy :smiley:

OK everyone, I now have 5 GMAIL INVITES LEFT.

@bgallay, you have to PM me your email address so I can send you the invite.

[EDIT]I got your PM, but I need your FULL email address.

Can you give one?? Tnx!!!

PS : i write you a private messagge.

hitman could i use one my e-mail is

EDIT, posting your email address is not a great idea :slight_smile: unless you wan’t a load of spam. you would be better sending a PM to Hitman

@magalas_79, I sent you the invite. You should have received an email. Enjoy your new GMAIL :smiley: .


hi hitman.
how did you get invites to give away?

@Acko, I sent you your invite. So you should receive an email.

@nshift, after you have an email account setup with them, they randomly give invites out and when you receive invites, you will see a flashing message on the left side of your screen saying you have " X invites". This is of course when you are signed in to your GMAIL account. So anyone that I sent invites to will have invites to give out at some point in time.

How did you get the invites to give out?
I have a Gmail account but not had any invites yet :frowning:

Invites generally come after a couple of weeks having the account.

thanks hitman, just signed up.

I would like one if you still have one. PM sent. Thanks.

@jssilva,I just sent your invite, so you should have received an email.

I’ve decided to give away some more…SO I HAVE 7 INVITES LEFT!

*** 6 Gmail Invites Left ***

thanks Hitman, I just signed up looks cool
thanks again

i would like to use Gmail.
I’m a big fan of google and i would be very happy to use Gmail