6 DVD'S gone to waste because of version 1.1.2

This is my mistake but it could have been easily avoided.

I was assuming I needed to check the audio tracks I DIDNT want. So I produced 6 DVDs with no sound at all.

For the love of god check all audio tracks by default. Thats basic programming.

I would definately have to disagree with you, its not basic programming. Unfortunately as many of us developers know already over 90% of the errors are sitting behind the monitor.

With that said, you should be aware that many of us have had problems with the new 1.1.2 version. I strongly recommend using version 1.1.1 for full movies until those problems are fixxed. Menus and movie playing has had irratic behavior. So if you do use the 1.1.2 version I would strongly recommend testing the end result in power dvd or win dvd before burning.

Ive yet to have a failure with 1.1.2. Just did two versions of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; one was movie only and the other was full version. I deleted the full version even though there was only a loss of about 90 MB from the video and I really couldnt tell a difference. I have done about 15 movies with 1.1.2. If there is a bug, it hasn`t surfaced on my computer, yet.

BTW, this version seems to give better quality than 1.0.2 did. Just did Star Wars II and it looks darn near perfect. Also, did War and Peace (208 minutes) and it is also near perfect. What a Great program!

you didnt check the first one you processed with PowerDVD before making the disc?

hmmm… basic programming that is…


You have just confirmed the old addage … “Never Assume Anything” :wink:

Originally posted by Phil Thomas
You have just confirmed the old addage … “Never Assume Anything” :wink:

Yep, sorry but I also have to agree. Nothing wrong with the prog I’m afraid. :bigsmile:

Any good programmer should have at least some BASIC DATA CHECKING to ensure that these types of problems do not occur.

Remember what seems ‘obvious’ to you, may not be ‘obvious’ to another.

This should not take up that much additional time or increase the program size that much.

Still DVD2ONE is a revolutionary program, and it is the reason i bought by dvd-burner. I only wish it was more ‘polished’. Maybe I’ll drop it as soon as CLONE-DVD comes around…who knows?

A single cell organism should have no problems using DVD2One.
(Politicians excluded.)

I alawys check the resuts, too. Having said that, the checkboxes should all be ON by default.

They should NOT be all on by default. DVD2one could warn you though if no audio has been selected before further processing.

Something to implement Rene?

When on the audioselectionpage DVD2ONE very clearly state:

“Select the audiotracks you want to include in the movie”

How difficult is that ?

Basically you did not take the time to read that simple instruction, furthermore you never thought to testplay your project on the computer before burning - not after the first dvd was trashed, not after the second, not after the third, not after the fourth, not even after the fifth but not until you trashed 6 dvd’s - and now your blaming the programmers of dvd2one

for the love of god - when did it become a crime to use ones brain ?

We all make mistakes - thats forgiveable - but blaming others for our own mistakes are just so lame. Its incredible what people have to put up with.

I couldnt care less if the audiotracks are on or off by default - and since everyone seems to have there own idea of which is preferable I see no reason to change it from one to the other. I certainly do not see any logic in why they should be on rather than off. Or the other way around for that matter. Except maybe that for most projects it makes most sence to select the 2 audiotracks I want rather than deselect the 6 tracks I dont want.

Simply speaking - learn to read basic instructions and dont blame others for your mistakes - its pathetic

It’s a matter of convienence. Even better would be to just check on the AC3 6ch soundtrack since that’s the only on you really need.

The point is that it’s BAD GUI design. Even if you like the “off by default” display, there’s no reason why a user would want to leave EVERY sound channel off. There should at least be a warning message when none are selected.

Originally posted by NYCT
There should at least be a warning message when none are selected.

That I can agree with

A Bad Workman always blames his tools !

My first post here, but for that thread i had to register!

You know something that is called DVD+RW or DVD-RW?

Even if your standalone does not support DVD-RW:

Check films done with new program versions on PC or standalone and avoide problems or loss of DVDs (money).

I dont see why there is problem for you.

Even though a program that looks quite simple should recieve a little bit of thinking before using it…

but thats only my opinion.

NYCT, to many people have lost the respect, and value of a silent movie. Bad GUI, hmm I am sure many would debate this. I have definately seen worse, and more confusing GUI’s. For instance I personally think IC7 has a terrible GUI, while DVDShrink is full of options and decently organized.

Speaking from experience when it comes to designing software and GUI’s, sometimes its difficult to design tools that are 100% idiot proof. Lets face it there are people who can’t even wipe their own arse let alone press a couple of buttons.


If you can’t be bothered to check them then i’m sorry then i see it as your fault

The program is fine Rene just that people need to read the instructions and not assume they are so bright they don’t need them

Rant over:(

Well I did state it was my mistake. I just want to point out that the data validation is very poor.

Putting a “no audio selected” warning or checking all audio by default, whatever you choose has long has some validation is made to prevent useless output. And this mistake has nothing to do with intelligence, its an “not paying attention” mistake.

Has an old corporate mainframe programmer, I have noticed micro-computer applications are often poorly design in terms of data validation, data organization and performance. Not to mention the coding is often a big mess, making it difficult to maintain the applications afterwards. Making sure valid data is enter is an important part of programming.

Originally posted by Lazza

Yep, sorry but I also have to agree. Nothing wrong with the prog I’m afraid. :bigsmile:

noop :bigsmile: something is wrong in v1.1.2 and no m8 i didn’t do anything wrong :wink:

A Bad Workman always blames his tools !

A bad programmer always blames the users.