and multisession

Looks like a serious problem with multisession in .17. I keep several DVD-RW discs with multisession weekly backups. Since updating to .17, “continue multisession” no longer works at all. I either get the “cannot read” error, or Nero just does nothing at all when it should open the previous session.

Any one else noticed a problem?

Hey, I have the same problems as well! I started a new DVD-R using “New Multisession”, then later tried to add more files using “Continue Multisession” and it says, Disc Not Writeable or something like that. Is that what you’re seeing? Maybe should try the older versions?

You may want to check www.oldversion.com


Are you having problems with the Nero Burning Rom or Nero BackItUp? I check the multisession feature in the Burning Rom and I couldn’t duplicate this issue. If you have time, please give me some more details and I will check into this issue some more for you.



The issue is with ROM, and it’s not really a new issue. Seems that everytime I update versions, I have this trouble with multisession discs. Out of 4 DVD+RW, only 2 were able to be written again, although all sessions were readable in Explorer.

which versions work with multisession dvd?

did’nt work for me at first with but i went to the tab “recorder” “choose recorder” and reselected my dvd (px-708a) and i was able to add a session. it had my premium drive selected even though i selected to do a dvd multisession. but it worked for me so far.the error i was getting was no disc inserted which is true if it was not looking in the right drive. maybe this can help.

I don’t have the problem with any -R Multi session DVD’s that I create, it does pop up a box and say that the disc will only be readable in Windows XP, but thats ok, I’ve only got Win XP :smiley: . As “rdgrimes” suggested it my be a problem if you have been booktyping your +R +RW discs to -ROM maybe nero is thinking it isn’t writable any more once you have put a session on it.

Since I don’t seem to be having the problem, I use mainly -R -RW disc’s I will create a multi session disc on a +RW and see what happens when I try to add another. :bigsmile:

Ok just completed test using +RW DVD and no problems here. I created a new multi session DVD+RW added an ISO (557meg) ejected disc. I then put the +RW disc back into the drive and added another session containing another ISO (450meg) to it. The disc had already been formated to -ROM and adding another session caused no problems at all.

Just a question were the original multi session discs created with an earlier version of NERO??

Sorry just re-read rdgrimes orig post seem they were made with an earlier version of nero, that may be where the problem lies???

I just managed to continue multisession using Nero In fact, the only difference between this successful attempt and my previous unsuccessful attempts (2 coasters!) is that this time I used a +R disc (OptodiscOR4). Previously I tried AN31 -R and also an unidentified -R as well. I’m not sure if it’s because of the -R and +R thingy but now it works on my OPtodisc OR4 +R disc!
Did your unsuccessful attempts burnt with -R as well? Supposedly both should work right?