I updated yesterday and today, it dosen’t want to crack the code on anything!!! It says it does but it does not actually do it!

Example I tried Superman returns and See No Evil neigther one would crack!

I looked like it did on the found and removed protections screen and then when I opened my burning software (One Click DVD) it said one click dvd will NOT burn encrypted dvds…so ANYDVD IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY SINCE THE UPDATE!!! I AM WAITING FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! ANYONE ELSE WITH A SIMLAR PROBLEM OR A SOLUTION??? :sad:

Welcome to the forum, you need to check “aggressive I/O” mode in Anydvd settings for it to work with 1Click.

kipper you beat me to it. :slight_smile:

here’s how to do it


I’m having the same problem and haven’t heard back from them either.

Try this. Also open anydvd and click on the aggressive mode to use 1 click.