Deinterlacing erroneously turns itself on during encoding

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Even though “Deinterlacing” is unchecked, it seems you’re still running some detection code in the background to determine if you should deinterlace content.

This is an issue. It has been suddenly kicking in at about one third of a DVD to AVI conversion I’ve been trying to run.

Maybe what you need is an “Automatic” option in DVD to Mobile | Video Format, if you wanna keep running the detection code. But when in “Manual” mode, and “Deinterlacing” is unchecked, it would make sense that the problematic detection code remains turned off.

My guess is that it will also speed off encoding, but that is not the reason for this bug report.

Please let me know when you have a fix for this.



I think you can turn off the auto-decide by adding this line to any profile:
deinterlace mode="2"
It is my understanding that the checkbox will still force it on if checked but is not really a “manual” mode as such (i.e. unchecking does not force it off).

That’s good to know of course but with profiles being more about devices for which we are making files then the original content, how do you know if the original is going to have an issue with the deinterlacing? Of just turn it off as you suggested in a profile and make all *.avi’s with that particular profile?

You’re right of course about profiles being device or file-type specific, I was just offering a work-around for this specific case. If you change the profile as suggested it can be saved with a different name and then controlled with the checkbox as needed. A true “manual mode” button or checkbox would be a more elegant way to do it I guess. I doubt that the auto detection code would ever be removed completely; it’s there to (in most cases) make conversions faster to set up and run for the average user with average content which it seems to do pretty well.


If I knew anything about profiles, I’m sure I would recognize your suggestion as a good workaround, but I don’t. In any case, I appreciate your help, Signal.


The deinterlacing feature has already been a source of much consternation in the past. It remains troublesome to have a “Deinterlace” checkbox whose checked status means ‘Use deinterlacing’ and unchecked state signifies ‘Do not use deinterlacing… maybe’.

Would it be difficult for you to turn it into a dropdown with three entries with unequivocal meanings: “Auto” “Disable” “Enable”?

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I like that idea.


Looks the main problem is about “Deinterlace”, and it is about the source scan progress is slow ? in actually, when you click “Next”, and the source scan progress is staring, and this scan not only for check deinterlace, and also for check crop value, and get some thumbnail image.

about the deinterlacing option, we have the logic for “Auto” check, just not show it in GUI, we are prepare for redesign part of Mobile GUI, we will add this option for deinterlacing.


Thank you Ting. I think we will all look forward to this new feature.

All great stuff and suggestions. Tweaking profiles is really easy to do by the way. Having the “Disable” actually disable the issue is a great idea. My question still is how do you know when you need to disable it, enable it, etc.? It will be all trial and error?