H264 aac sound issue

I have converted from DVD to H264 + AAC 5.1 sound and there appears to be a problem.

When listening on 2.0 systems the centre channel is over to the hard right. Have not replayed on a 5.1 system yet.

This has occured on 10+ conversions I have done today (before I realised there was a problem :sad:)
I am reverting to where there is no such problem.

Consistent across 3 different install/PC’s.

Ouch. Sorry to hear about the problem. Things like this will get the author’s attention faster if posted in the DVD/File to Mobile sub-forum.


There are not any change about the 5.1 channels output logic from to the new release, are you sure it 's the conversion problem ?

Please check it in 5.1 system first, or there are any other downmix setting in your 2.0 system ?

This is strange indeed then.

I am on the process of converting my DVD collection to H264 and each day I do about 20 DVD’s. I do this on 2 main PC’s.

I upgraded both to and noticed at the end of the day that the centre channel was displaced to the right on the H264 copies I had made.

I then listened to the previous days movies on the laptop and they are fine.

There is still information on the left channel but the centre channel has moved to the right.
I will backrev today and redo the movies and test again.

Interestingly the movie that was OK from the day had a DTS sound track I think - again I will check.

I have reverted back to and problem has gone away.

Can also confirm the DTS soundtracks do not seem to be affected.