I’ve written many dvd’s using taiyo yuden 2x dvd-r media; media id: TAIYOYUDEN and the discs themselves seem to be not too bad. Although I am concerned about the quality at which nero does produce. Although my tests are not fully conclusive i did compare the same media written by two different versions of nero. After running scans on kprobe, (multiple tests) the results are ridulous with the media burnt on the old version of nero. Running scans on the same data written with the new version give me much more better results. Results that are incomparable really. I’ve attached two images. The first is the media written with the old version of nero and the second is with the newer version of nero.

Media burnt using Nero

Media burnt using Nero

As you can see from the results, the newer version has definitely produced a better quality burn.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.