5x DVD-RAM discs

Hello, I’ve got a question for users here in the USA. Has anyone had any luck finding 5x DVD-RAM discs locally? All I seem to be able to find here is the 3x discs. I’d prefer not to order over the net if I don’t have to, just my preference. BTW, I’m located in Houston, TX if that helps any. Thanks!

You got me, I’m not from the USA! :disagree:

I can’t believe that there is no shop in your area. No BestBuy or CompUSA or an other large Electronics Stor has 5x DVD RAM? Here in Germany DVD RAM is not so popular, but I have a shops having 5x DVD RAM, but I must agree there are more shops having only 3x media.
By the way. Why no internet order? If you order 10 or 15 disks the shipping is not acceptable, isn’t it?

I’m wanting to use it as backup medium, and based on the amount of data I want to back up, I only need around 2 of them, and just can’t justify spending shipping for only 2, nor spending money for more discs that’ll end up sitting around collecting dust.


You will not find them in stores, online is your only choice unless you have some small local shop that has some. None of the big stores carry them.

With so many manufacturers coming to the market with RAM burners that can do 5x, do you think this will continue? Pioneer, Plextor, HP, LG, NEC, even Philips associate BQ…Panasonic…there must be a market out there for the media, why cann’t we see the discs?
I know 16x where announced but present burners will not use them, and the new media will be rather expensive during some time, I guess. This seems to give 5x some time to sell.
Here where I live I only can see the slow discs for the home recorders, and only in a few shops…they are a rarity.
I bought some 5x Panasonic discs in Frankfurt and it was a big store not a small shop, but last month I was there again and no trace of 5x, just the 3x.~
Maybe it was a coincidence…lets see next month…
The ones I bought we the cartridge type (made in Japan) but by the time they also had non cartridge (black box) type at much lower price.

Yes, this big “push” for DVD-RAM shows some results now.

5x DVD-RAM disks are easy to find now in South Korea, online or offline, though not as often used as in Japan. Of course, I don’t buy one. I can buy a 200GB HDD for the cost of 10 * 4.7GB DVD-RAM disks.

They have been here for over a year. I have purchased from these guys with no problem.


Although all the major drive manufacturers have either just released DVD-RAM capable writers or have announced them, I think it is a little early to see any effects in the availability and prices of DVD-RAM media. Most people are still using their old writers right now and those may not have DVD-RAM support. It will take some time before the majority of people have DVD-RAM capable writers. When that happens, the demand for DVD-RAM media will be there and it should be more easily available. Prices should drop as well, but I suspect that will take a little while longer.

The other thing is that I’ve seen lots of reports on DVD-RAM capable writers but no announcements on new DVD-RAM capable DVD-ROM drives. There are still people out there who don’t have a need for a DVD writer. For DVD-RAM to be fully accepted for data storage and backup (which is one of its strengths) people need to know that they can read the discs back on virtually any computer, anywhere. When things get to that stage, you’ll be able to find DVD-RAM discs as easily as DVD+RW or DVD-RW discs, hopefully at more reasonable prices as well.

Since all the major manufactures are planning or shipping a Multi drive of some sort, it will soon be universal. This will not necessarily increase demand, but I have already seen prices plummet in the last year. I would not expect any significant drops in the near term. In order to become as prevelant as CDs and DVDs it needs to do something new that will be done in volume, like movies or music and I don’t see anything yet.

As long as we’re wishing, let’s wish for some decent RAM drivers like the Panasonic driver, and an end to the reliance on InCD by the drive makers.

LG alone has had quite a sizable market share (surpassing everyone else) and most of their recent DVD burners are capable of DVD-RAM 5x. Panasonic of Matsushita and LG/Hitachi of HLDS have most to gain from the advance of DVD-RAM because they are the big DVD-RAM license holders yet so far there’s no Chinese or Taiwanese or South Korean or Malaysian or Indian media maker to supply cheap and good DVD-RAM media. BenQ, NEC, Pioneer… they can’t be that serious about DVD-RAM. BenQ works with Philips and Philips gets most out of DVD+RW/+R and also Blu-ray. NEC is more interested in HD-DVD than anything else. Pioneer is into DVD-R/-RW and Blu-ray. Ritek of Taiwan like all others has probably been more occupied with Blu-ray than DVD-RAM. The popularity of DVD-RAM will increase but there’s not much to be done at this phase. However, I see DVD-RAM 5x more attractive than LS DVD+R/-R.

Instant CD/DVD is much better than InCD or the Panasonic drivers. It also allows defragging and finalizing of DVD-RAM and has a nice Desktop Icon that you just drop files onto for Instant writing. (It instantly writes again to a finalized RAM disk, so no probs caused by finalizing).

Sadly Pinnacle haven’t updated it for about a year so it may not work with newer drives. Possibly a new version is due out. It used to come with Toshiba drives when they did DVD-RAM. It was then owned by VOB.

It also has a decent Backup program which has saved my bacon a few times.
I just backup the Windows and Program Files Dirs to DVD-RAM every so often and restore from a 2nd HD. It’s faster and more reliable than all the tape drives I’ve used.

Sean B

Degrag DVD-RAM? :eek:

I used to do it with smaller files on my Toshiba drive. It tidies the disk space up after you have deleted some of them. It might be a bit impractical if you have say 1gb Mpeg files on the drive. It gets done reasonably fast if the disk is only about half full. Yet another advantage for DVD-RAM. Instant CD/DVD
supports it, its a pity Pinnacle don’t support Instant CD/DVD very well, won’t work with my LG 163b. I hope they sell it off to someone who will develop it. The original owners VOB were very good with updates.

Sean B

I think the manufacturers are waiting for their 3X Speed media stocks to run out before switching to 5X Speed DVD-RAM production.

we currently use double sided 3x imation DVD-RAM Disks here in our LG burners for daily Data backup…

What i would love is for them to come out with Dual-Layered DVD-RAM disks instead of Double sided.

That would be fantastic, thus avoiding having to flip the disks.

Nope. 5x discs are easily available, just not in the US. So they are producing those. It’s probably easier to get hold of in SE Asia.

See post #9 above. They have been in stock and available with no problem.