5S57 to 5S5A worth it or not?

I have an LTR24102B with version 5S57 firmware, to date I have had no problems. I mainly use datasafe cd’s. I have recently upgrded to XP pro.

Is there any benefit going to 5S5A?

Is there any problem flashing in XP?

a search reveals mixed results. :confused:

I know the general rule seems to be “if it aint broke, dont fix it” but 5S57 to 5S5A is 2 revisions up. I would be greatful for any comments as to upgrade or not. I don’t do any protected backups so this is unimportant wrt to upgrade. I am more concerned about compatability and stability. I have at the moment no issues with 5S57, but I like to keep up to date.

Is it worth the bother or not?

Cheers to all

well i would say yes overall, i always get newest version of firmware to use for my 24102b lite-on drive.

it is overall best to upgrade and less likely to run into problems while burning a cd because it updates it to be compatible with more media.

i use 5s5a on mine and it seems to be good also if something does ever go wrong (like a bad flash) which is not likely.

you can still fix your drive using mtkflash and a .bin firmware file to get it running again :slight_smile:

There are 2 schools of thought on this. Either you are like NBR and go with the latest and greatest or you’re like me and stick with what you’ve got unless there is a definite reason to change.

Personally, I still use 5s54 and, since I haven’t encountered any problems yet, have no intention of upgrading.

It’s really up to you though as NBR says, if you flash your drive and you’re not happy with the result you can use mktflash to revert to your previous firmware.