5hr only sale, friday may 13, compusa

Only a few items but some good deals. In store only. I got this in my email so I’m not positive that it is good everywhere. It is for friday, may 13th from 5pm to 10pm only!!!
I would type out the descriptions but I gotta go to work.
Star wars games for ps2/xbox/pc 319816, 319817, 318299, 315557, 315556, 318316, 316903 All 29.99 (20$ off), includes eppisode 3 for x box and ps2 (but not for pc, talk about pissing me off)
Eppisode 1 0r 2 dvd movie 286803, 297782 9.99 ea
original trilogy dvd 314846 39.99
antec neopower 130 - 50 antec mail in = 80$ (317036)
canon printer 314210 80 - 20 mailin = 60$
spy sweeper 302442, 313838, 313839 20$
256 jump drive 312394 20$
cusa 100 cdr 312096 14.99
olympus camera 225540/316025 200$
kds 15" lcd 240 - 100 rebates = 140$
sempron 2200 + mb 319739 100$
vid card 318037 230 - 30 mailin = 200
10" portable dvd 314863 300$
hdtv 27" 317988 900 - 200 mail in = 700$
mac mini 311508/318373 830 - 100 rebates = 730$
laptop 319907 700 - 100 rebate = 600 limited to stock on hand, one per household

Sorry for the crappy descriptions, I’m late for work. The games movies and power supply look good. Maybe the cdr too (not sure, I haent bought cdrs in ages).

u know ripit, this work excuse is gettin old. where are your priorities??? as always, thnx.

Maybe It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t screw around till I was already late before I posted, lol!!! I’m off tomorow so no excuses though (oh crap, shouldn’t of said that, now I don’t have an excuse)!!!

I’ve been sucessfully refrain myself buying media, two months! yey!

ripit, can I ask you to post next week sale after the stores close. :stuck_out_tongue: j/k
Damn this week sale fuji TY is very tempting. :sad:
[looking hard at my hundreds deteriorating blanks :bigsmile: ]

So what you are saying is you want me to pm you with what good medias are on sale, first thing saturday morning, right, lol!!! I know the feeling. I have more than I know what to do with too. It really doesn’t scare me two much though (about the deterioration thing on the forums recentlly). I have media that has been sitting on my shelf for 2 years that burns fine (specifically ricohjpnr01), just cause some old packs got stuck behind new packs and didn’t get used. I have managed to stop myself from buying media for a little while, but staples has store brand 8x (could be cmc or mb) for 9$ for 50 next week (thiers another thread about it in the basment). I just cannot pass up getting some of that!!! First time I have seen usable media near that cheap. Now the question is, do I buy 100, or get a shit load???