56x cd-rom

i have a 56x cd-rom drive. I haven’t put it in my computer yet because im afraid it might blow my cds to many peices. I did put it in for a brief moment to find out information about it, but all it said was that its an atapi cd-rom drive. The drive itself isn’t labeled with a brand. all it has are fcc warnings and laser warnings, standard stuff. There is one sticker on the corner that says:

Made in china MFG DEC 2000
(barcode here)

Anyway, i want to know if its safe, if i can’t find out the brand, is there a way to limit the read speed?

oh, btw, i did saearch yahoo and found nothing about the brand.


Test it with cd’s that you want to get rid of, AOL disks, etc.

Go to Google.com and type in “Tia, cd-rom” . You might get
information on a cd-rom of Tia Carrere.

Originally posted by kwkard
Anyway, i want to know if its safe, if i can’t find out the brand, is there a way to limit the read speed?

Nero DriveSpeed

Don’t worry about it. 56X drives have been out for years.

As long as your CD isn’t defective, with hairline cracks at the spindle hole, etc., you should have no problems. If a CD is unbalanced due to an off-center label, etc., then you may want to reduce the speed if excessive vibration is noticable.

56X is at the outer limits of high speed single laser reading, but Afreey and others have made these drives for a long time.

If you are worried about it and want be be conservative you can always reduce the speed. I have used a 56X Afreey without any problems.

What is the FCC ID code and FCC registration number (two separate listings)? With these FCC descriptions we can tell who made your drive. See FCC ID Help.

it doesn’t have an fcc id code or fcc registartion, all it says is this.

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules…

Than there’s an interesting line further down

Certified only to the CANADIAN electrical code

Also, underneath all of the logos and stuff it says:

Model No. : 626 Series
Rating : + 5V (then a bar with three dashes underneath) 0.7A
: + 12V (same as above) 1.2A

So im stumped.

There is (was) an Aston 56x model 626. Does your drive look like this picture at

There is no manufacturer named Aston, so this is a rebadged drive.

thats it! How did you go about finding it? So if its rebadged, how would one go about finding out which drive it really is, or is that not possible without experiementing with firmware flashing?

I used Google. :cool:

If you find another drive that looks like it and has the manufacturer identifed, then that it probably the same manufacturer that made yours. Search the web for pictures of other 56x drives and see if you can find one that looks like yours.

Experimenting with firmware flashing without knowing the manufacturer is the perfect way to turn a CD-ROM into a doorstop. :bigsmile:

ok, i will do tht. Thanks a lot for the help. I know i can always count on this site to get the info i need if google fails me or if i fail googel, one or the other:confused: