56x cd-rom firmware needed

Hi all!

Last night I attempted to flash my btc ide3212im cd-r/rw, but instead I goofed and hit my 56x cd-rom, subsequently killing it. I have pulled it out of the case and it is identified as a btc bcd f663e. Because I was not intentionally flashing the cd-rom, I didn’t have a back-up of its firmware. I’ve searched the net with no luck so far. The only thing I remember is that the cd-rom came up as “OEM” in the device manager.

I really don’t want to throw this drive away. If I could get the right firmware, I think I could resurrect it.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


Yes, you could resurrect it most likely. BTC CD-ROM drives are very common, but no firmwares are ever released. You’ll have to hope that someone reading here has this drive and can backup their firmware to send it to you. BTC CD-ROM drives are often compatible with mtkflash.

thanks, dhc014. I am currently trying to contact hi-val to see if they will be nice and give me the firmware. Unlikely, but it’s worth a shot. :wink:

BTW, the drive (as mentioned) was marketed under hi-val, and manufactured by top glory (top-g).

Thanks again! :smiley:

Yep, I have a 52x Hi-Val branded BTC drive. BTC CD-ROM’s are all over the place and few people realize it…

If all else fails then you could try my 52x firmware in your drive…

Thanks, dhc014! I’ll be willing to try anything at this point. It would be great if you could shoot your firmware version over to me. My email is krakahed@yahoo.com. If it works, I’ll be thrilled!


firmware sent.

dhc014 is my saviour! :bigsmile:

new firmware worked like a charm! Drive is back up and running!

Thanks a million for the help!


Sweet, now if I could get the 56x BTC firmware, then maybe we could both go to 56x