56X CD-Rom drive only going 24X?

Hi, I have a CD-Rom Drive that is supposedly 56X. It’s this model here: http://http://www.elements-pc.com/product/CDROM/el-956.html

While I thought it was a 56X, certain programs like Nero’s DriveSpeed tool detect that it can only go 24X max. What’s the deal with that? Thanks. I have the latest drivers for everything, and I’m running XPSP2.

It seems to suggest that it only does 8x on mode 2, and some drives will also do lower speeds on CD-RW media, sometimes on CD-R.

I’d trust a Nero CDspeed scan more than I’d trust what drivespeed says, since drivespeed seems to be rather poor at evaluating available speeds, and many drives are extremely poor at reporting available speeds or executing speed changes.

Trust what it DOES (CDspeed transfer plot), not what it SAYS.

Yeah, strangely enough, the Nero CD Speed chart said the same thing when testing it (that it could only go 24X). I guess I’ve never really payed much attention to the actual drive speed because I never copy cd to cd. Maybe when I reinstall Linux I’ll test it out again and see if it’s not a software problem.