(568th comic) - Santa's wonderland

Heya everybody,

this will be the last comic for this year. I’d like to thank everybody for another funny year. Today we have Jon and Garfield visiting Santa at “Santa’s wonderland”…

Sounds like fun :iagree:

See you all next year!

Happy Christmas and a happy new year!


P.S. I installed the latest firmware on my TEAC DV-W5000S version 1.0Q but I didn’t find any tools for this writer. There should be a tool out there, where you could read the hours the DVD writer has been used. Nothing mentioned on the TEAC website… if anybody knows something about this please contact me!


Thanks for all your comics, Alex! :flower:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you and everyone! :slight_smile:

Alex, bless you for all the laughter you have brought me and all the lonely souls…Health and happiness to you.
Thanks just doesn’t do it,


Thanks bra!!

Happy Holidays-eh!! :clap: