56 version refuses flashing 1004@1008?

i just wrote marco an email about the new 56. he is on vacations until 8 march. maybe someone else can fix my problem. this is my email:

Today i encountered a strange problem wit my 1004. I know you do not recommend flashing your 1004 to a 1008 but it worked fine with firmware 54, 55 and 55b (with bitsetting). Yesterday i flashed up firmware 56. Now i have a strange problem. The burning is smoother than ever (even works now with my favorite dvd-r type) but it is unreadible in my 1004 my liteon ltd163 an my standalone sony ns3330. The pc drives give an error message: type not supported (bitsetting?) and the ns3330 says cannot play. I burned several dvd+ and dvd- with shrink (in combination with nero

I wonder if you have a build-in anti flash 1004@1008 or something like that. Maybe it’s also a bitsetting problem. For instance that dvd-rom is set per default which the 1008 support and the 1004 not.

Marco (from btc-europe) once said at the cd-freaks forum that flashing 1004@1008 can ruin the laser. I know that the max. data rate is the same with both drives, so why shouldn’t this work?
Maybe you could explain where exactly the differences are besides a lousy 20€.

I dont’t want to downgrade the firmware because i bought a big amount of dvd-r which are working (at least the burn process). "

1008 firmware is for the 1008, not for the 1004.

Of course, if you choose to flash your 1004 with the wrong firmware, that is up to you. But, I think you are wasting BTC/Marco’s time, as well as ours, trying to get support for something that is unsupported.

First, I really doubt that Marco or anyone at BTC will offer support for a 1004 running a 1008 firmware. Second, can you clarify what the problem is? By reading the title, I assume you cannot flash the drive using the 56 firmware but in the email you state that it is running 56 but producing disc’s that can’t be read.

Also, I think Marco said that a 1004 with the 1008 FW will only harm the drive if you try to write a disk faster than 4X, otherwise you shouldn’t harm anything.

Vette XP, I don’t see any problem with asking for help like he did, this is an open forum and the 1004 with 1008 fw has definitely made the crappy 1004 I have work much better. It is obvious that BTC is not going to fix the problems with this very inconsistant drive with a 1004 fw, but I might get proven wrong. I have found that most of the media I use works much better with the 1008 fw. Now why can they fix it on the 1008 and not the 1004, the laser pickup is all that is supposed to be different with the 1008 laser suposidly being a higher wattage.

did someone of you try to delete a RW disc with a 1004 flashed to 1008??? i tried and failed on all DVD-RW and on all DVD+RW! so i flashed the drive “back” to 49b1 and erasing is working again!

ps. i’m speaking about erasing discs, not burning! burning (of any disc) was always successfully!