535 meg cd-rw`s WTF?



i recently purchased a Teac cd-w54e cd-rw and ive noticed that when formatting the cd-rw with adaptec direct cd that i am only getting 535 megs worth of useable space from a 650 meg cd! it uses 192 megs for the TOC ? that cant be correct… or is that normal ? is there a better program for packet writeing that i need to be useing to get closer to the full 650 megs? i realize that i wont get all of it because of the way the cd has to store a TOC and other things but is there anything i can do to get more than 535 ?


dont you hate when that happens. i remember when I first set up a cd-rw disk and it said I had about 500 megs or so, got curious like you did. you lose that much to overhead created at time of format.


Hey thanks for the info on that stuff. i kinda figured it was supposed to be that way but i thought maybe there was another prog that was better than direct cd that would give me a bit more disk space after format. but thanks for clearing that up for me anyway.



you were right in the first place, there is another program which give you the full capacity of the cd. it is rsj cd writer, you do not have to format the cdrw, just put it in and start writing, BUT there are problems, it seems to take over your writing software, other writing programs work but you may not think they do, plus there are no cracks around [well i cannot find any] for the latest releases, maybe rsj have found a good protection method or the hackers do not think this program worth cracking. you can download a full working version with 30 days use, there are ways round that, from www.rsj.de. it is a brilliant packet writing program, but you need to need it, if you want any other info email tonymadams@hotmail.com