531 2-12 - Task 1 has been cancelled

I’ve been in the process of ripping my DVD collection to file using the DVD to Mobile option. I have Platinum v5.2.3.0 and when I get to the movie “Airplane” (region 1), it stops right away with the following processing messages

531 2-12
Task 1 has been cancelled.
Process completed successfully!

I’ve varied the settings to the point that i’ve basically tried everything.
DVD is physically clean. I’ve ripped it using DVD to DVD and that plays fine.

So for now i’m moving on… next movie is Airplane II the Sequel and that happens to be ripping to mobile without a hitch.

Any ideas?


We know this problem, this problem is because for some special streams mux for this DVD. We are trying to fix this problem.

Thanks report.

Hi Messalina,

Could you please tell us which disc causes the problem?


Thank you very much!

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Ahh thanks for the replies.
It’s this one

ISBN 0-7921-6688-4
My cover looks exactly like the one shown on amazon (Widescreen Collection) at bottom.


Hi Messalina,

Thank you very much!

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Hello Fengtao,

I’m running into the exact same problem Messalina described. In my case it’s with my daughters’ Veggie Tales DVD. The DVD is “Veggie Tales - Where’s God When I’m S-Scared?”

I don’t know if you need it to identify the DVD, but the proof of purchase ID on this particular DVD is 31001-9. On Amazon it’s http://www.amazon.com/VeggieTales-Wheres-God-When-S-scared/dp/B00017LVYG/ .

In case you haven’t heard it enough, thank you very much for your great software! I really appreciate it and the work you put into it!


Also seeing this problem when trying to rip a couple of Television seasons. It is specific to certain episodes rather than every episode on a given disk. And since more information is usually always helpful in debugging, figured I’d pass along the ones causing problems.

Specific ones seen so far:

Family Ties - Season 2 - Disk 2 : Title 6
Family Guy - Volume 1 - Disk 2 : Title 2
Family Guy - Volume 1 - Disk 4 : Title 5

I have just encountered this issue myself. So far only with:
Six Feet Under - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Title 2

The disc is from the full season box set.

This appears to be fixed in the beta, thanks for addressing this! Tested against the tracks I listed and did not run into any problems.