52x24x52 digital research cdrw 20.00 after rebates

best buy is offering this with 2 rebates

best buy drive link

Rebate #1(original upc)

Rebate #2(photocopy of upc)

I got this drive this past weekend from my local store. It’s actually an I/O Magic drive (522452) that’s distributed by Digital Research. I’m quite happy with the performance, especially given the $20 price tag. Very quiet and full 700 MB data burn in under 3 minutes.

Unfortunately, I’ve read some horror stories regarding I/O Magic and rebates after I bought the drive, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Wish me luck! :cool:

if after a reasonable time and attempts by calling them etc go to Best Buy and complain ultimately they are responsible for the rebate and will pay it directly

Info on rebate addresses phone numbers etc very useful