52x Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs burn at 40x near the end?

I have these 52x Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs (silver inkjet printable) that burn at 40x near the very end of the disc. When I make a test disc in PlexTools using the Write Transfer Rate Test the burn will peak at 50.6x and end at 40x. This happens when I use Nero to burn as well. Does anyone have 52x TYs that burns at 40x near the end? I wasted 5 discs already and all of them ended with a 40x burn near the end.

I had that happen with my Fujifilm-branded TY CD-RS and my PX-712A. When I disabled PowerRec and burned one at 48x I got a coaster :frowning:

Assuming this is being burned in a Plex, this is normal behaviour for the drive. Blame Plex, not the media. Although other drives can do it on TY too. I’m not sure why the discs are “wasted”. Are they unreadable?

Yes, these TYs are burned on a Plextor Premium drive. When I disable PowerRec it burns up to the 76min mark and fails.

Although the discs were not burned at their full potential (52x) they are readable and have extremely low C1 errors when tested in plextools. When I said “wasted” I refered to the discs not containing any personal data rather these test discs were written on through plextools Write Transfer Rate Test. 2 discs were used for the plextools test and 2 for nero cd-dvd speed DAE Quality Test. For both test 1 disc was burned with PowerRec and one without PowerRec. For the last disc I burned random data on it to see if it made a difference and the results were the same.

I switch to TYs because for some reason both my plextor drives (premium & 708a) don’t like AZO on the verbatim DLP CD-Rs. When I burn 68% into the disc the rest would error (yellow blocks in Nero’s CD-DVD speed ScanDisc, and high C2 errors in the Plextools test)

I thought my problems would be solved if I swtich over to TY but now it won’t burn up to 52x near the end. Interestingly I have these non-AZO verbatim CD-Rs made by CMC Mag. and they burn up to 53x near the end and are error free when I test them in ScanDisc and PlexTools C1/C2 tests.

Well, as I said, this is normal Plex behaviour, and it’s how they manage to get good burn quality. Of course, the difference in burn time is minimal.