52x (supposedly) TY CD-R only burining at 24x in 1640

Hi, I recieved a delivery from supermediastore for some TY CD-R’s that were advertised at 52x. In nero, they will only burn at 24x.

This is exactly what I ordered:

The discs I received do not look like they do in their picture. The center looks more like this product.

I’m using fully updated Nero 6 Ultra, and BSLB firmware on the Benq 1640.

Here is the disc info from CD-DVD speed:

Did they ship me the wrong product?

Do I need to use updated firmware?

Please let me know if you need more info.

Also, I wanted to ask, what is the concensus for best CD-R as far as the 1640 goes?

Thanx for any help.


That is a pretty old firmware - up date to the latest - then see what you get-

It looks like you received TY Audio CD-Rs, which have a lower speed rating. The discs should say “General” rather than “Audio.” See my pics below:

Ok, I’ve updated from BSLB to BSOB and then to BSRB–still no luck.
I really didn’t want to because some believe BSLB is the best firmware for the 1640.

Two Degrees, how are your audio CD-R rated at 48x and mine are at 24x?

Is there any way I can get the MID code and look up the official speed for it somewhere?

Oh yeah, and what do people think the best CD-R for the 1640 is?

Normally TY Audio CDs are rated 16x. Some drives allow burning at higher speeds.

Taiyo Yuden 48x CD-R media (97m24s01f) works very well in my BenQ 1655, especially when burned at 32x or slower.

Whether that information is useful for the 1640 is anybody’s guess.

The difference between 52x and 24x being … how much … 30 seconds?

So long as you have TY, at no additional cost. :iagree:

The Plextor is weird like that. It will display all its possible speed settings for whatever disc you stick in it, even if the discs are lower rated. For instance, I can insert a Verbatim 16x CD-R, and while it will display all of those speeds, if I burn it the actual speed will be 16x. I did a couple of simulated burns with these TY audio CD-Rs (Sony branded). As you can see, while the selected write speed was 48x for the 755SA and 52x for the Premium, the discs burned at their rated speed of 32x.