52X Premium gets overburn erros with Nero 6

I just got the Plextor 52X premium and I tried to burn 3 video VCDs, all under 80 minutes playing time, the last one was only 500 meg and yet in all 3 cases, Nero 6.0 came up with an error that the data was too large to fit to disk, would I want to overburn… Huh?
BTW, this is the same drive I posted an earlier thread about because when connected on IDE2 as master with a hd as slave on that channel, my hd led stays lit. Plextor says it’s the MB, Intel says their MB’s fine and it’s a plextor issue.
I use Imation 700MB/80min cd’s, always have and they’ve worked just fine in the past. The attached file is the error I got from the 500 meg file.

Any ideas?

Hi Osah_Jay42,

I am not (yet) a Nero 6 user since I am still using 5.5, but I know that a lot of people reported a lot of errors with early versions of Nero 6…

Some of them solved their problems using version In these days Ahead released a major update to version; as a registered user, you can download it for free (at least i hope).

By the way, version includes Nero Recode2 which seems to be good for trascoding DVDs.


Originally posted by Osan_Jay42
Nero 6.0 came up with an error …

Have you installed any burning software with a hide cd-r media feature like Alcohol or CloneCD? It could be causing your problems.