52X or 48X cdr?

Hello everyone. I have been reading this site for awhile and cant seem to find the answer to my question.

I have a Acer Aspire 1310 laptop computer and I wanto burn cds. What is better to use 52Xcdrs or 48Xcdrs?

Also whats the diffrence?

Thank you so much from Sweden, Jason

It doesn’t matter really which you use. In a 52X writer the 52X cdrs will complete a few seconds sooner that those rated at 48X.

Look for quality rather than speed. Verbatim do a decent range with Pastels & Super AZO being my current favourites.

The time difference between 48x and 52x is minute. Also, I highly doubt that your laptop has a 52x burner. :slight_smile:

You will find it likely anyway that the max speeds are not enforced by the burner. I doubt the dye/quality of disc between 48x and 52x is any different, my Plex Premium burns TY CD-R that is officially 48x at 52x with no problems at all. Frankly, whichever is made by a good brand and is best value. For under a minutes second time saving there is nothing in it really, discs of the same speed can vary there burn times more than that.

A minute seems a long time, I’ve found around 10 secs more common depending on type of data/video/audio that’s being written.
But I do agree it’s unlikely that a laptop would have 52X burner, these days seem to stop at 48X. Then move up to DVDRW.

I have burned a few different brands of CDs on my Plextor Premium and it determines on the fly what the maximum speed is for the best burn. None of the discs have ever gone past 40X so I would not waste any money on a speed difference. I would spend more on good quality media, such as TY. Be aware, that very good “brands” can sell crap. Even some Verbatim can turn out to be CMC.

So it should be ok if I burn mp3 files onto 48X cdrs?

Of course, especially if they are good quality.

use 48x … and burn 48 … some of CD-R burners got problems whit max x52 write, and it’s caple seconds diffrence …

Ahrm. I wouldn’t burn ANYTHING at 48x. Seriously. I burn data at 32x, just on principle. The time savings is TINY. Not “a minute”, but MINUTE as in teensy weensy.