52x firmware PLEASE HELP US OUT!

Lots of people waiting for a rip of the Lite-On 52/24/52 firmware so we can try it on our version 6 chipsets.

Can some kind soul PLEASE rip and post the firmware?




Thanks for the info.

I was successfully able to take my Memorex 48x24x48 -> 52x24x52.

I had flashed my rom to a Lite-On LTR-48246S … now it’s based on Memorex 52x firmware. Does anyone have a real Lite-On 52x firmware? I’d like to stick with Lite-On’s firmware since they upgrade their firmwares frequently, and Memorex doesn’t.

In case anyone is wondering, I was able to burn a 52x disc in about 14 seconds faster than the 48x firmware (no big deal, but it’s cool!)