52x combo drive question

Hi, I currently have a Sony CRX320E combo drive. I was under the impression that it will burn CDs at 52x. But in order to burn at that speed I have to press and hold the eject button for few seconds, otherwise it burns at 40x. The funny thing is that it burns much faster at 40x than at 52x. I was just comparing the time it took to copy a audio CD on the Sony at 40x and on my NEC ND-3520 at 48x. The NEC was by far faster. Does anyone know of a combo drive that burns at 52x as a standard feature? Because it would make sense that a 52x will be faster than a 40x or 48x. Everytime I have to burn at 52x, I have to press the eject button. Do 52x drives normally burn slower than 40x or 48x drives? If anyone has any feedback, please post. Id appreciate it.

Crossflashing to Liteon 5232k (see Sony/Liteon area) would make it a straight 52X and eliminate the Sony “turbo” modes.

Surprised it wrote slower at 52X, unless it’s having difficulty and falling back to a lower speed, while 40x is managed with no fallback - in which case, it could perform just as badly in reflashed 52x mode, though the Liteon firmware is later than the Sony and may be better.

Most combo drives today support 52x CD-R writing and 16x DVD-ROM reading as standard features. Best-selling such drives are from LG, Lite-On, and Samsung, the three big makers. For maximum average speeds, Lite-On drives tend to write to CD-R disks at faster speeds.

If your 52x burn seems to be slower than 40x burn, do some more extensive tests what causes that.