52x CD-R only writing at max 32x?

Why will some CybaDisc 52x CD-R only write at 32x?

Using NEC 3500


Yep because that’s the max you DVD RW can write CDs, it should say that on the box.

The firmware determines how fast the drive can write to those discs. NEC’s CD writing strategies seem to be very conservative. There are CDs that will burn at the drive’s max of 48x.


Well the CD-R supposed to be 48x, and indeed it has written at 48x before.

If it dosen’t like these CD’s then looks like I’ll take the remaining 300(!) back and get some other ones

That’s why said it should say max CD burn speed on the box, mine has a max of 32x.

The NEC 3500 has a max CDR burn speed of 48x. However, few CDR’s are actually burned at that speed by the 3500. Ritek 48x will burn at 48x.

The media in question are unknown type and maker, but as has always been the case, having “52x” on the package does not make it a suitable disc for burning at that speed in a given drive.