52X Burn Speeds



Problems when trying to burn at 52X.

the setup is as follows (thats how i set it up and thats how the BIOS sees it as well):

MASTER: Maxtor Hard Disk Master (ATA133)
SLAVE: Removeable hard drive bay (ATA133 compatible)

MASTER: Liteon 52X burner
SLAVE: Pioneer 116s DVDROM

768MB DDR PC2700
Nero Burning Rom v5.5.10.20
DMA Enabled for all devices

1st problem, since installing the new burner 2 months ago, DVD Decrypter or any DVD rippin software wont buffer and takes about 1hr to rip a DVD or 30 min just rip 5-10min chapters to the hard disk etc.

2nd problem, i had the IDE channel 2 devices around the other way originally. Back then i set the burner to burn at 52X, NERO said it was burning at 52X, but it still took 4min for a CD, and now since changing the drives around, it has taken took 6 min and 7min + to burn a full 700MB DATA from hard disk, exact same data both times. and the hard disk are defragged and theres plenty of cache.

so any suggestion of what else i can try to get the burner up to speed?

and also on the IDE cables, i just want to check the order of devices:


becuase maybe thats what i got wrong.

hopefully i dont run into any further problems. will be putting RAID 0 array in, in a few weeks. The i plan to put the DVD and CDR on seperate channels both as master, havent decided where to stick the removeable bay yet though. any suggestions.

thx KangaMAN


Double check that yuour jumpers on your CD-RW and DVD are placed correctly - bny that I mean to set each drive as master and slave, and not cable select (or single drive). I’ve had a similar problem once, and I then realised that my jumpers were incorrectly seated.


Check the BIOS and in the OS to ensure that DMA is enabled for all the IDE devices. If it is operating in PIO mode then the process or gets interrupted for each data transfer and this will slow disk access down dramatically.


Originally posted by Orinoco
Check the BIOS and in the OS to ensure that DMA is enabled for all the IDE devices. If it is operating in PIO mode then the process or gets interrupted for each data transfer and this will slow disk access down dramatically.

He already said that DMA was enabled on all devices.

DMA Enabled for all devices


Your burn problems can possibly be just due to crappy media, without knowing what , how, and to what media you’re burning, it’s impossible to say much about the issue. Also, we need to know what the drive light is doing during the burn, what the read buffer and drive buffer are doing. And if you can set Nero to show actual write speed, what that is indicating.

your ripping problems are possibly just due to the material you are ripping, is it protected, is the disc damaged, is the drive crapping out, etc.


Originally posted by aviationwiz

He already said that DMA was enabled on all devices.

If the hardware has been changed around, it is not unknown for the OS to reset the devices to PIO in the Device manager. Hence the suggestion to check that all is still as kangaMAN thinks it is.

Similarly, if you have problems with the IDE controllers, the advice is to delete and then let XP auto detect and re-install. This too can reset the DMA setup on the machine.


Response to your replies:

drive jumpers are correct.

i did change the drives around, and have not had a chance reinstall the OS, so maybe thats why it is fuct.

the light stays constant on the burn color, doesnt change during burning process

the buffers are full the whole time and never drop below 98%.

Nero says the write speed is 52X. and in fireburner v1.17 i set it to MAX.

the Lite-on media tester says the media is fine for 52X burn speed. my mate has used the same media and burnt at 48X no worries.

i dont think the DVD has a problem with the media, its only started not buffering after installing the new 52X burner.

Another inquiry:

Fireburner burns consistently at 4min for a 700mb data CD, from the HDD, but nero takes anywhere from 4-7min for the same data. The light indicator stays the same and does not change.

Also i never use the computer for anything when burning, just the burning software and maybe ICQ open, that it.


If the buffers are both full, and the drive light stays red ALL the time, it is physically impossible for a 700 MB burn to take longer than about 2:35-2:45. If you have Nero set to verify, simulate or determine max speed, that will add from 2:30 to 5 min to the “burn time”. It is necessary that you set Nero to show actual write speed and watch the speed and drive light all through the burn, only then will you know for sure what is happening.


il give that a try, see what speed it actually does show when i change the registry.

other than that i going to stop fiddling until i get my raid controller in and running and then i will put the burner and DVD on seperate IDE channels both as master, and then i will also have RAID 0. so i should have increased disk access speeds. Then if it dont burn at 52X or 40+ ill be back here lookin for answers.

cheers from DownUnder,



the pioneer dvds have a speed limit when in ripping mode.
it take mt 117 about 20-25 mins to rip a full dvd…c
chek out the firmwareflash page as i think there might be a release witch remove that…

as for the slow speeds…
id say drivers, usually when the bios picks up all the drives, the jumpers are ok.
ill assume ur on xp, so open up the Computer Management Program under Admin tools to chek what state your drives are in
Storage -> Disk Management

um, if problem still exists, update IDE drivers, then begin removing IDE devices (obviusly not the burner and main hdd) and see if burning / ripping speeds up.

still fails, get another hdd, cdrw and dvd of a mate and test on ur system to see if any o fur hardware is faulty.