5238S Seek Times



Check the seek times on the 5238S

Now check the same disc in the Aopen and 52246S

Burns and reads fine however will stick at 12x or 4x with k’s and cdspeed disc quality check sometimes

Liteon 5238S

Aopen 1648/AAP Pro

Liteon 52246S USB 2.0 External Enclosure

needs replacing?


What type of disc are you using for this test? If possible, use the Create Data Disc on the Run Test menu of CD Speed. Then run your test again. I’ll do the same since I have the same drive and post my results for you.


Here are my results:


If you’re using Nvidia or VIa IDE drivers, I’d dump them. I’ve never had any luck with anything but the MS IDE drivers.


ive tried various discs ones its made aswell, does the same in the usb enclosure looks like im going to see if i can get it replaced tomorrow as its started to lag upon playing Divx files from cd